Rare Napoleon Hill Writings: January 1920

Napoleon Hill is the author of the always-in-print classic, Think and Grow Rich.

I’ve found writings of his in the public domain at Google Books. I’m not an expert in his work, but I have to think this material is rare and possibly hasn’t been seen since it was first published.

This is the fifth post of this series with his rare writing.

This one is an odd appearance. It’s a trade magazine for the sugar industry. Hill doesn’t appear in the Table of Contents and his work, although framed as an Editorial, is basically a short filler.



[The obvious is often overlooked in editorials. We specialize — we search for subjects to be discussed. Napoleon Hill has written this editorial, addressed to Everyman. — The Editor.]

You can never become a great leader nor a person of influence in the cause of justice until you have developed great self-control.

Before you can be of great service to your fellowmen in any capacity you must master the common human tendency of anger, intolerance and cynicism.

When you permit another person to make you angry you are allowing that person to dominate you and drag you down to his level.

To develop self-control you must make liberal and systematic use of the Golden Rule philosophy; you must acquire the habit of forgiving those who annoy and arouse you to anger.

Intolerance and selfishness make very poor bed-fellows for self-control. These qualities always clash when you try to house them together. One or the other must get out.

The first thing the shrewd lawyer usually does when he starts to cross-examine a witness is to make the witness angry and thereby cause him to lose his self-control.

Anger is a state of insanity!

The well-balanced person is a person who is slow at anger and who always remains cool and calculating in his procedure. He remains calm and deliberate under all conditions.

Such a person can succeed in all legitimate undertakings! To master conditions you must first master self! A person who exercises great self-control never slanders his neighbor. His tendency is to build up and not to tear down. Are you a person of self-control? If not, why do you not develop this great virtue?

For those who want to see the source page:

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