Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #9

Why another post so soon?

Because this one has information from users in forums.

Over at Dragon Devs — which you really have to register with in order to see all forum posts as well as any links (I registered, dammit) — there’s a discussion of firmware updates to the Vido Mini One: Vido M1 (MiniOne) Official Firmware.

As a Commenter reported to me, the MultiWindow Android update is now available. But it seems that Vido’s tampering with Android — such as its customized home screen — initially makes it a less than stellar experience.

Here’s preliminary reactions to MultiWindow Android on the Vido Mini One:

I flashed this before leaving for work. I haven’t had many chances to play with it but it seems a little buggy. It froze twice on me while installing apps from the playstore and rebooted several times while trying to use the multi-window feature. I haven’t had a chance to test the performance of the processor which is still capped at 1400 and It feels pretty much the same which is a disappointment(was expecting a noticeable improvement) but again the only thing I did was install a few apps from the playstore and play around with the multi window feature which seems buggy as well but it could be my ignorance since im not familiar with all the gestures or how to edit the dropdown menu. I also tried to run Antutu but I cannot get it to finish without locking up at some point. I may need flash this again when I get home

And, from the same user:

… the multi-window feature is not optimized so it kills performance.

Again, I suspect that’s all due to Vido customizing Android and then things not meshing correctly with the Rockchip update.

In addition, in one of Vido’s updates, it down-shifted the Rockchip 3188 CPU from 1.6GHz max to just 1.4Ghz! Users report that setting it back to 1.6GHz drains the battery faster:

the actual max clock is 1.8 but this will hoperfully be done in future Firmware. the current clock is 1.6 but up until Firmware 20130701 Vido changed something and now the clock is 1.4 BUT you can get 1.6 by setting the Governors both Max/Low to 1.6 but this will drain your battery more

For anyone who was looking forward to Miracast with the Vido Mini One, possible bad news:

Went to bestbuy today and picked up the Rocketfish miracast video receiver. Couldn’t help it I had that wireless display option in the settings begging me constantly to use it

Edit: it was a waste. Only worked well 1 foot away not 30 like advertised. I have a feeling its our tabs fault. Oh well I’ll take it back tomorrow for a full refund

I had wondered about the Rocketfish too.

Here’s a video of the Vido Mini One with some game testing. It’s hooked up to a large screen via HDMI-out at 720p and a six axis controller is being used via Bluetooth.

Although Dragon Devs has forums for a variety of tablets, the one for the Chuwi V88 is oddly barren.

Over at XDA Developers, there’s a very long thread about the Chuwi V88 highlighting modified ROMs by a fellow named Oma for the V88. Note that Oma is German and so most the screensnaps also feature German. Further note that the thread involves a lot of problems and updates to a variety of ROMs and kernels, which might not be everyone’s favorite way to spend time.

The thread otherwise contains a treasure trove of info, such as the radio chips:

Wifi-Chip is Mediatek MT5931, a single stream WLAN SOC with MAC, Baseband and Radio.

It comes with BT Cooperation to MT6622.

Therefore we see two antennas which could be better positioned


The V88 uses the same screen as the iPad Mini.

There’s been more than one hardware revision.

How to unbrick a V88 when you’ve prematurely pulled out the USB cable while flashing a new ROM(!):

There’s something called Viper4Android that will reportedly boost the sound on the V88. However, the link to the Slatedroid thread for the V88 goes nowhere.

Remember I mentioned the Vido Mini One throttling the 3188 CPU to 1.4GHz? Well, both this post and this post shed some light on that, in terms of the V88. But to make matters worse, it all comes down to “Ship it!”:

The possible reason Omas rom on his v88 works without a hitch is the same reason chuwi maxes the cpu at 1.4 out of the box. Quality control is lacking so lowering the potential max the chip was designed for, allows more chips to be passed out the door by the Q.C. department.

Which really makes buying a Chinese tablet of any brand an even bigger gamble. This could also mean some people have Rockchip 3188s that can never reach Chuwi’s boasted 1.8GHz.

When using Oma’s firmware, there could be a Netflix problem, which can be fixed.

Here’s a look at how changing the clock speed of the 3188 affects the AnTuTu score:

Click = big

And now we get to the point in this very long thread that should start people drooling. It’s all about MultiWindow Android. Let’s start with some new screensnaps (more at that link):





And some more:




And we get our first glimpse of Settings with the new MultiWindow selection:


And more exciting screensnaps:




And Oma states he thinks each window is full resolution but as each window is created, performance is divided. So two windows, half performance (two cores?) each; four windows, one quarter (one core each?) performance.

First surprise of MultiWindow Android, media player XBMC can’t window:


Asphalt 7, a game that is problematic on the Vido Mini One, plays just fine with MultiWindow Android:


Someone was having a problem with MultiWindow Android, however it fixed itself:

After reboot, it seems ok already. resizing windows is smooth.

That is quite a difference from what Vido Mini One owners have reported!

Now, more exciting screensnaps:




And the first limitation of MultiWindow Android:

Ok … not more then 3 emulators in parallel or two heavy game plays plus youtube.

But it’s still all good:



Jepp real multi-tasking of two heavy games …

… the V88 has enough reserves to perform real multi-tasking. Fine!

And shortly after, that’s where at post time, the Oma thread ends, as he leaves to take a two week vacation.

Over at Slatedroid, a user of Oma’s ROM with MultiWindow Android reports:

I tried it for 2 days now. I can say it works flawlessly so far. I only have Real Racing 3 and can play it while watching a video and browsing the net all at the same time. RR3 lags a bit sometimes with other windows on but fine with me.

It’s not without needing some fixes, however:

Other observations are correct: Screenshots are upside down, Recent apps box are upside down, and the Airplane mode in quick settings menu doesn’t work.

Things Oma is likely to fix when his vacation is over.

Seeing all this today makes it clear to me that the Chuwi V88 is still the tablet to get. But it’s probably best to wait for the new “Ice Green” model. Of course, there are bound to be more hardware revisions that will make Oma’s job even harder. On the other hand, reading about MultiWindow Android working on the Chuwi tells me that people should be able to use the official — non-Oma — version just fine.

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3 responses to “Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #9

  1. yeahman45

    nice post! i preferred vido one (better design and gaming performance seems better) vs the chuwi v88 but multiwindow seems to work much better on chuwi v88… i hope it gets fixed on the vido one (if i am not mistaken there’s no rk3188 sdk 2.0 on vido one yet)

    • mikecane

      Yes, it seems Vido Mini One did not get the SDK 2.0 update yet. Maybe that will make multiwindowing work correctly?

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