Ramos Makes AnTuTu Claim For K Tablets

Ramos has revealed its website for their gorgeous new K-series tablets.

And this is what they themselves are claiming as the AnTuTu 3.4 score:

Click = big

What’s going on here?

It’s already been established multiple times that the Allwinner A31s CPU scores in the 11,000-range, with 12,000 really pushing it. See all the AnTuTu scores here for the A31s-based Onda V818 Mini.

And yet now Ramos — as well as two others — are claiming an AnTuTu score range of 19,000-20,000.

Remember, the A31s is a 1GHz CPU. So how can it get an AnTuTu score rivaling that of the 1.6GHz Rockchip 3188?

Here is a possible clue.

This is AnTuTu 3.3 used on both the 3188 and the A31s:

Click = big

And now here’s AnTuTu 3.4 being used on the new Onda V819 Mini, the updated Onda V818 Mini, which still uses the A31s:


Now let’s look at the CPU scores from all three of those screens:

Click = big

Mysteriously, the A31s has gone from an AnTuTu CPU score of 2622 to 6040 and from 1759 to 4032!

And enlarging the claim of Ramos in the screen at the top of this post reveals nearly the same increase in the scores for the A31s:

Click = big

I don’t think any amount of Android optimization can account for that.

So is this outright fraud?

And is it happening from Allwinner — the supplier of the platform — or from Ramos, the tablet maker?

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2 responses to “Ramos Makes AnTuTu Claim For K Tablets

  1. E.T.

    If Ramos is manipulating then Onda is too.

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