NookColor Handling Office Files

This video shows NookColor handling PDFs, as a follow-up to my post: Google Books PDF Smackdown: NookColor Vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab Vs. iPad

Yeah, that’s how I experienced regular — non-Google Books — PDFs that people had downloaded onto the NookColor. Speedy little bugger with the PDFs.

Some people say the NookColor will be hacked and its ROM overwritten from another Android tablet. If so, that would dispose of its pretty UI and replace it with generic Android UI, more or less (the NookColor lacks the standard Android hardware buttons). If that happens, it’d be a tablet to buy. It could then be a Sony Reader, a Kobo Reader, a Kindle, as well as a Nook all via Android apps. Plus, the regular Adobe Reader for Android could be installed — which, according to Comments on the other post, can do Google Books PDFs.


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