Sony’s Not Leaving: New Reader At FCC

Yeah, the news is three days old.

So let me tell you what others haven’t: It has WiFi B/G/N, a micro SD Card slot, and an earphone jack for audio. The micro SD Card slot seems to be at the bottom, left.


Those are the features of its mainstream six-inch screen Reader. Except for that micro SD Card slot. That’s new. And is a clean break from Sony’s own Memory Stick format.

Two things that aren’t mentioned: a USB port or stylus. But those might not be required listings for FCC testing (although it is odd that the micro SD Card slot is mentioned).

Also, these bits from the FCC docs:

Click = big

Click = big

Earlier this week, Sony also posted two more How-To videos for the Reader:

I don’t know what to make of those, what with the Reader being just about gone from all stores. And would they apply to this new model?



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