The Nook Touch 1.1 WiFi Issue

When Barnes & Noble updated the Nook Touch software to 1.1, suddenly people who never had problems before were faced with WiFi difficulties.

Here is a roaring thread about that at a B&N board: My experience with BN Corporate about Wi-Fi issue

But what’s most interesting is his follow-up, posted today: NST 1.1 WiFi issue Corportate came to my house!

I have been calling them weekly RE: the WiFi issue since the November update. My home is close to the corporate office, so they called me to do “a field TEST” of the update they are working on to address the problem. Seriously, 3 people came to my home, a WiFi Platform Architect, a Product Readiness Engineer, and Digital Support Supervisor! Their software does work with my CenturyLink Westell 7500.

This is clearly a software issue, since 1.1 created it. It will be interesting to see how long it is before B&N issues a 1.2 update.

And when they do, let’s hope it fixes the issues with sideloaded books too.

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