Forbrydelsen III: Finale, Episode 10 Unsubtitled

Non-spoiler screensnaps after the break.

Well, so much was lost because it’s in dialogue.

The ending is … unsettling.

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48 responses to “Forbrydelsen III: Finale, Episode 10 Unsubtitled

  1. B.

    Unsettling good or unsettling bad? I’m curious to know. I’ve avoided spoilers for 9 & 10, to wait for subtitles. But want to know your opinion on how the series ended.

  2. Monty

    Mike: I am in shock. What an ending. I too agree that it will be some days before I can try to piece it together. Hopefully, nine and ten with subs will be up. I still can’t believe what I just saw.

  3. You realize just how crazy it is to watch this without subs? But the force is strong, so I do it. Bottom line, a great series, even without subs for the last two episodes. It has been a great ride. So sorry it’s over, but forever much love to Denmark, to mastermind writer Søren Sveistrup, and the incredible actors of the entire three series. Just wishing them a lot of light after so long in dark places.

  4. Unsettling is just unsettling, neither good or bad…. I’m very unsettled …and I need to know what was the content of the conversation with Borch in the car and exactly what he was suggesting with all the cash.

    …but crikey, what did he say to provoke that reaction from Sarah Lund!!!

  5. Uponair

    Hey Mike,
    so, that was it! My Danish has improved to a toddler’s degree now. I sometimes go to Malmo for work, so I’ll be thanking Forbrydelsen one day.

    Don’t know about you, but I stand by the ending. Some big justice was needed. More significant than revealing the culprit is the sense of justice that follows, whether that’d be by seeing a top man cuffed or what we got (I feel a Goddard’s quote coming up, and maybe half a spoiler): All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun.

    From what I read so far, there isn’t a IV in the making. And Sveistrup might be on his way to London (the city I now live in, soon to replace for Paris). I guess I will agree with it being the last one. Very little you can do to amplify the sense of justice of the main character.

    tak min skat. Vi snakkes ved.

  6. Oliver

    Totally crazy. Don’t know what to make of all this. I’m very curious for the subtitles, didn’t get most of the politics plot at all and am so desperate to know what led to this… thing… that totally weird escalation at the end. Very suprised that the reviews were mainly good, although it is hard to criticise something that is this thrilling, even if you don’t speak a word of the language the characters are talking in. It will take days to make up my mind about all this…!

  7. Danilo Padilha (Brazilain guy living in Wales, UK)

    just seen the end. not sure Sarah Lund, always so perfect at bottling up her emotions, would ever react like that. It did not make sense to me. Mind you, I am saying after watching episodes 9 and 10 without subtitles. My true hope is that the content of the final conversation will justify the act. If it doesn’t, then I think this very last act by Sarah was one a flaw. Thanks Mikecane for keeping us in the loop about everything that there is to know about Forbrydelsen.

  8. Donski


    He urged her to go to escape a long prison sentence – hence his crying when he left her alone in the car and told her to go before he got back.

  9. Pablo

    I’ve been following your blog ever since S03E01 aired. First of all, thanks for being the go-to guy for the Forbrydelsen III English-language viewers who can’t wait a few weeks until the BBC airs it. I didn’t feel alone in my numerous “WTF just happened?” and “FFS Lund!” moments this season because of this little community you formed.

    I can’t believe it ended the way it did. Not because of what I would name THE ACT occurred, but because of what happened in its immediate aftermath. For a moment, I thought that maybe years of chasing murderers and analyzing crime scenes were going to come in handy, turning THE ACT into a secret lurking in the shadows. Then I thought about how poetic it would be to actually face the consequences of THE ACT.

    Of course, I don’t understand a word of Danish other than forbrydelsen, fint and tak, so I don’t know all of the details that would explain why it ended like that. That’s why I’m eagerly waiting for subtitles: they’ll help me make up my mind over how good or bad the ending was.

  10. Jools

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you for this blog. Like many I’m impatiently awaiting the hard work of others to see the subtitles for episodes 9 & 10. However, as one other blogger stated – Mike, you have made this final series of Forbrydelsen an “event”. Thank you Sir!

  11. linda russell


    I just can’t imagine Sarah would run away, become a fugitive, rather than face the consequences of the act and explain why she did what she did to the world at large. I mean, what she did was inevitable, given the circumstances. She made a commitment, made a pact to see justice was served. But to go on the run afterwords? Out of character… but again, need to see the subtitles…

  12. Monty

    Are we going to have to wait until the BBC screens episodes 9 & 10 in mid December to actually have a version with the subtitles? Wonder why the usually reliable subtitle experts haven’t posted anything? Was there pressure to cease and desist? Hope not. Only time will tell.

  13. I’m skimmimg as much as I can as I really don’t want the spoilers other than..does Emilie Zeuthan survive?

    • mikecane

      I’ve looked at the subtitle as a text file. These subs are atrocious. I’m not sure anyone is going to be able to tell what’s going on with them. I’m not going to update my post until some better ones are available.

  14. coochy.cooty

    Note, those subs do not work with the “jetset” MP4, you just get numbers, not words. And the same for the “Forbrydelsen.III.E10.DANiSH.
    720p.HDTV.x264-DTV.mkv” version, just numbers. So, we’re still fucked unless someone knows how to fix the files. Why were they posted if they didn’t work? I can’t find any other versions of the video file to try, but it the srt file won’t work with either . . . .

    • mikecane

      Yes, I just tried them with the JETSET version and got that too. And also with the version of 10 I have as well.

      UPDATE: I’ve discovered the problem. Open the SRTs with WordPad or any text editor (change to .txt if you must). See all the hyphen greater than signs? Like so: -> Find/replace to TWO hyphens and greater than sign, like so: –>

  15. coochy.cooty

    Yup. Now all we have to deal with is “he’s building a half hour ago” and “why would he Reinhardt search?” But, beggars can’t be choosers.

  16. ctrlway

    I’m going to be as obscure but understandable as possible. Is it just me or did the bad subtitles make it look like the ending was quite ambiguous? I mean, where is the plane actually going? We see the cellphone scene that represents some sort of disconnection from the rest of a person’s life, but that will happen no matter where the plane lands.

    And only one of them ever talked in the car. I mean, when was the last time directives were followed by this person?

    Agggh, will I watch it again when the BBC airs it? Most certainly.

  17. coochy.cooty

    Ah, Addicted reveals that the “english” subtitles were dutch and someone just ran them through Google, that’s why they suck so bad. I’ve watched half of episode 9, but I’m going to quit and wait, they’re just too horrible.

    • ctrlway

      If it is the same subtitles from the blog linked above, no kidding. I mean, at the end it actually says:
      “He says nothing,
      but they are now going to the airport.
      New! Click the words above to edit and view alternate translations. Dismiss
      Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal Market Finder
      Turn off instant translationAbout Google TranslateMobilePrivacyHelpSend feedback” – FOR REAL

  18. Zaffy


    I saw it with the crappy subtitles but I dont think I missed anything important

    FRAK YOU to the Creators of FORBRYDELSEN.
    they frakked up one of the best TV characters.
    We believed Sarah Lund was a interesting personality.
    No, it was just a nutjob waiting to explode.
    A sociopath without integrity. Without a conscience or respect for the Law.

    I didnt quite enjoy the end of Forbrydelsen 2. I mean seeing a woman who used TO NOT CARRY a gun to shoot/execute the villain with such ease was OUT of character.

    But now she has gone worse. She is the judge and the punisher.

    What the hell they were thinking to destroy this great character like the way they did?
    it would be better to had her killed or suicide, anything than bastardize her personality like this.

    LUND mutated to someone else. To the poor European relative of “Dexter” or something..


    As for the rest of this season, it was a lame repetition of the 1st season. I didnt care for any of the characters, not even the little girl, except for Brick and the young detective.


    • rastafari

      Unfortunately I have to agree. The end in season 1 was better solved, with almost the same effect (the portrait of the politician eventually handing in to the attraction of power). I still enjoyed watching season 3, but yes, the end is not very credible.

  19. Monty

    Episode 9 with subs available in two parts:

    It can be downloaded from various websites. But Mike doesn’t
    want us to post here. I am watching it now. Looks great.

  20. sashamanukian1984
    above you can find the subtitles for episode 10, they also have nine. pretty good English.

  21. Tumbel

    Episode Ten with Subs streaming here:

    [link redacted]

  22. Tumbel

    Psssst….[redacted] Episode Ten.

  23. Tumbel

    You are Brix and I claim my ten dollars.

  24. Trent Hanley

    Just seen the end of season 3. I agree with some who say that it was ‘unsettling’. I thought the acting and the storyline was held together superbly and although one could argue that there was an opportunity to explore Sarah Lund, under the circumstances it would seem that there was not much room for her to manoeuvre considering the character we have come to know over the first two seasons.

    There is only so much that can be explored by this medium, but what (for me) it showed was the ability for humans to have their darker agendas exposed. Despite his love for his daughter the company boss had a deeper attachment to his empire and his father’s legacy. His colleague knew his motivation and was confident in his knowledge enough to ignore the threat of exposure.

    The series will be missed, but all good things………………

  25. Monty

    Just read the commentary in The Guardian and over 500 readers comments on the final two episodes of Forbrydelsen III. It’s a very lively forum and I urge everyone to take a look and even leave a comment. Many readers suggest that a 4th season might be afoot despite the producers nixing the idea. Thoughts?

  26. Chris

    I disagree that Lund became a vigilante. She made a promise to the murdered girls father that she would catch the killer. AND the father DID have the right guy and Lund had taken his chance of retribution away from him AND the killer was going to walk after brazenly flaunting his crime to her face. AND he probably did it before and would do it again. She snapped,plain and simple. She should have faced the music. It would probably have been hushed up to prevent scandal for EVERYONE.Quietly forced into “spending more time with her family” It was a sad end for her.The worst character was the PM who betrayed every principle in his body,especially AFTER accusing and condemning everyone close to him.

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