Teclast Dual-Boot X98 Air 3G Gets A Second Review


Over at ZOL [Google Translate].

As to how the dual-system is being accomplished:

With respect to the above two methods to achieve dual system, Taipower X98 Air 3G dual system tablet using a new method, which is guided through the BIOS mode dual system, each will enter a completely separate system. In this way the system is switched over Option II is slower, but the two systems can be done independently of each other in terms of performance, and dual-boot computer the same way.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

No benchmarks are run in the review. Most of it claims to be experiential.

What I found interesting was this bit:

But after tablet Android system, but can be connected to the PC via MicroUSB cable, MTP way to store and display the internal system inserted TF card memory, so you can easily copy the files into the inner TF card, but after switching to Windows also to open!

Basically, they’re saying that Windows can see any files put on the microSD card even if put there by Android!

I suppose that should have been obvious to me, but it wasn’t. I now think the Android side should be able to see any files on the microSD card put there by Windows too. It sounds as if it’s all one card just divided into directories.

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10 responses to “Teclast Dual-Boot X98 Air 3G Gets A Second Review


    Nice work on this blog. Can someone tell me what keyboard they are using in this review? Thank you in advance!

  2. highwind

    Which OS can read the SDcard is dependant on the file system…
    FAT32 can be read by both (Windows and Android)
    EXT3/4 can only be read by Android
    NTFS can only be read by Windows

    You could even split storage on a card, if you take for example 32GB card and format 10GB with EXT3/4 and 22GB with NTFS, Android would have 10GB and Windows would have 22GB…

    • PeeAM

      Newbie here- when I format my 64GB card into a 34GB NTFS and the rest as Ext3 or 4, only the 34GB partition is visible on both android and windows in Teclast X98 dual boot. I thought that android should not be able to read the NTFS partition and only read the Ext3/4 partition. Both were set as Primary. I am using minitool partition wizard. What am I doing wrong ?


    Hey. Thank you. I have ordered the non back-lit keyboard. It is called f9 keyboard. hope it will arrive soon.

  4. Ryan

    I would be curious if it would work well with other ipad air cases. For example the Zagg Keys Folio which is a full keyboard case with a backlight, not just a keyboard as the one in the picture seems to be. Its currently running about $40 USD on ebay for a refurb. I was looking at a transformer book, but I really like the look of the Teclast, and will probably get it if I can find a decent keyboard case that works for it. If you have access to an ipad air to do a side by side hardware comparison, or could take the Teclast into a store or something to try some of the ipad air cases, or have any other thoughts on the matter that would be much appreciated, Thanks:)

    • I own neither. But the reason why so many Chinese tablets try very hard to mimic the iPad/Air and Mini is so cases will work for them. This is why even the cameras are usually in the same spot, as well as buttons and ports.

      • Ryan

        Thanks, after I asked the question I found similar answers other places as well as one specific to the teclast that the charging port and headphone cable would probably have to be re-cut. I’ll either do that or buy one that is just the keyboard like in the picture above. Thanks

  5. joihn

    There is a big problems with dual bios; huge drain battery.

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