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The iPad2 “Magazine Display”

Well, as the timestamps below will show, I sat on this news overnight and stupidly let it all come out elsewhere: iPad 2 Likely to Have 2048×1536 Screen Resolution.






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2015: The One-Terabyte iPad

That’s the progression I see. The iPad was introduced last year with a maximum capacity of 64GBs. Everyone expects the maximum to double to 128GBs this year. And if this progression continues, we get this:

2010: 64GB
2011: 128GB
2012: 256GB
2013: 512GB
2014: 750GB
2015: 1TB

Yeah, 2014 will be disappointing in that the storage won’t double again, but that’s how I see storage capacity incremented with hard drives, so I expect that to happen with the iPad in 2014 too.

Some people are probably wondering, “One terabyte! What will we ever do with that?”

The actual question is: What won’t we do with that?

And personally, I could use a 1TB iPad this year.


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YouTube’s New Face Of Disappointment

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