WritePad For iPad

One of the best things Pocket PC had going for it was natural handwriting recognition. Microsoft thought so highly of Calligrapher that it got an exclusive license for it, shutting out the possibility of it ever being developed for Palm OS devices.

Now this same HWR engine is available in an iPad app.

Watch the video. This is amazing.


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2 responses to “WritePad For iPad

  1. That _is_ amazing.

    I have found that the iPad does allow something similar: to search YouTube for videos in Chinese, I have my iPad set up so I can switch the screen keyboard from English to Chinese. When using the Chinese keyboard, I get a panel above it, into which I can handwrite Chinese characters (I use a Griffin stylus, a metal, pen-like device with a rounded rubber tip designed for use on capacitive touch-screens) and the characters I write are converted to what I would see if I used the slower keyboard method. I expect this works for all Asian and non-Roman languages.

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