Ouch! Allwinner A80 AnTuTu = 23,000-Range

Wow, this is not good news for Allwinner, even if it’s just a preliminary score for an unoptimized system. A leaked AntuTu score shows it running in just the 23,000-range [Google Translate].


That’s pretty pathetic for an octa-core CPU. The octa-core MediaTek 6592 (1.7GHz) is in the 27,000-range. A quad-core Rockchip 3188 can hit 20,000-range, unoverclocked.

If Allwinner has pinned all their hopes on this CPU, it looks like they’ve lost their bet.

Same-day update: Let’s do math! If the touted 40,000-range AnTuTu score is at 2.0GHz, then the reading above of 1.2GHz is three-fifths of that. So the 23,000-range is three-fifths of the max AnTuTu score. So yeah, it could reach 40,000-range if the A80 runs at full 2.0GHz. But is that ever likely to happen? See this post. If 2.0GHz requires a honking huge heatsink and fan, no wonder the A80 is running at just 1.2GHz in this AnTuTu test — because that’s how it’ll likely be inside an actual tablet.


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6 responses to “Ouch! Allwinner A80 AnTuTu = 23,000-Range

  1. is it on 28nm process or the old 40nm process they were using?

  2. Pac-Man

    I find the above picture a bit “distorting”, because it looks like Tegra K1 is 5 times faster than the A80. You’ll have to think about this is only a window of the values between 20K and 40K, so the first 20K has been cut off.
    I think the A80 will perform quite well and the above graph should probably not be depended on too much. The OptimusBoard runs at 2 GHz without a heatsink – and no fan, so I think 2GHz is not a problem at all. The A80 is a quad Cortex-A15 + a quad Cortex-A7 running at max 2GHz. And remember: Allwinner did not really design the chip core; ARM did. Best alternative I’ve found so far is a Cortex-A9 from AMLogic.

    • But you seem to be writing without firsthand knowledge. “I think the A80 will perform…” The thing about even the best chip is that the OS really has to be optimized to take advantage of all of its features — and that of the GPU. As it stands now, the tablets in China I’ve been looking at all have about the same level of performance, with differences only in cases such as certain games and certain kinds of video files. The AnTuTu scores are generally all “good enough.” The two that stand out are the Xiaomi MiPad and the new Nexus 9. But the MiPad has its own compatibility issues and the Nexus 9 is too new to tell aside from it having a higher AnTuTu score than most of the other tablets.

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