Forbrydelsen III: Aftermath

I’ve finally seen episode 10 with reliable English subtitles.

In fact I watched episodes 8, 9, and 10 today.

Past this point are spoilers.

There’s an observation I am fond of making in the form of a joke:

Q: What do you call a group of men walking together down the street?

A: Cowards.

And it is true.

This, the best, Forbrydelsen series could have had this subtitle: Men Fuck Up.



Poor Karen! All along I didn’t think she was on the level. I didn’t see her passion for politics and her loyalty to Kristian as an analog of Lund.

Like Lund, she believed in justice. And as naively as Lund did.



Karen and Lund, both dismissed and betrayed by the men they served.

Karen by Kristian.

Lund by Brix.




In other words, the abuse suffered by Louise lived on, in different forms, and affected both Karen and Lund.

The photo proved nothing? It would have exonerated Lund, cleaned up the government, and shown Zeuthen that a monster was indeed under his own roof.

But a cascade of male cowardice, from the Prime Minister and Zeuthen on down, left two principled and brave women abandoned to the Fates.

As an act of redemption, every damn man could have covered up Lund’s execution of Reinhardt. Who the hell would have stood up for a scum predator like him? Maybe that’s an opening for a fourth series, but I doubt it.

Seeing episode 10 with subtitles clarified it all for me.

Karen had principles.

And Lund didn’t go insane.


She was just another victim of men.

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2 responses to “Forbrydelsen III: Aftermath

  1. Dave

    I thought F III started out strong but got less compelling as the series went on. I also thought Ms Grabol’s performance was mailed in this time. The notion of this mastermind that can do all and escape detection is similar to “The Bridge” … so fans of this series should like that series. I have finally got on to Homeland which to my mind is the first USA TV series that is equivalent to the Danish productions. Fans of Forbrydelsen would like the Swedish TV production ( not the fake british one) of Wallender. Also check out BBC’s “Inside Men” and “Sebastian Bergman”.

  2. John Arthos

    Lund kills the sadist because she knows the system otherwise would protect him and cover up the crime, allowing him to go on torturing and killing other children. Her last act is in a way an affirmation of her love for her own son and his new child, who is a girl entering into the world that Rhinehart was going to be allowed to cultivate his pleasure. In a way this execution is the opposite of the execution that ended the first Forbrydelsen, which was a pure act of nihilistic revenge. This execution was preventative.

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