Xiaomi MiPad: First AnTuTu Score

Same-day update: Skip down to the update!


This was sourced from GizmoChina. It has a VR-Zone watermark but a search of their site comes up empty. I went several pages into their tablet forum and also couldn’t find it (forum search is stupidly restricted to those who are registered).

After the break, an enlargement.

Click for larger. I’ve added some sharpening, which I don’t know actually made any damn difference:


All of the specs match the MiPad. The questions are:

1) Is this for real?
2) How and when was it done?

AnTuTu wasn’t installed on the demo MiPads at Xiaomi’s event yesterday. Press were restricted to hands-on time of about three to five minutes, making in-depth testing impossible.

As for it being 39,000-range instead of 41,000 range, account for some slippage due to other applications possibly being open or other AnTuTu anomalies.

Same-day update: I found the source. VR-Zone has a Chinese site too. A search there brought it right up [Google Translate].

Here’s the original image:




And now we also have the AnTuTu tech spec screens:



So, these are legit.

At the VR-Zone post, they also have a few MIUI Settings screens in their slideshow at the bottom of the piece.

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  1. Loving the physical buttons. So… a powerful tablet, the right ratio, high resolution, all that remains is availability and pricing. I think this tablet will be hard to pick-up in the US anytime soon after release at a reasonable price. It’s going to be gouge-city.

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