Chuwi Vi8 Dual-Boot Announced



And there’s a Youku video from Chuwi, with an obvious speed-up in it, that I ripped and put on YouTube:

Previously here:

Brief User Report: Chuwi Vi8
Chuwi Formally Announces Vi8
Video: Nextbook 8 Vs. Insignia Flex 8 Windows 8.1 Tablets
Want An Eight-Inch Windows Tablet? Wait.



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10 responses to “Chuwi Vi8 Dual-Boot Announced

  1. Tafty

    hallo. vielen dank für den beitrag. interessant ist für mich, wo ich eine dualboot firmware finden kann.

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  7. nico mop

    This tablet is now available from several vendors . I bought the Windows version 8.1 , I hope a firmware update to qualify for the dual boot !

  8. cg

    Looks like there is a new update available. The instructions are all in Chinese, so I have no idea how to get started. I don’t know if this update includes the Android dual boot:

    Is someone capable of translating this post?

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