Teclast Goes To War Against Onda, Makes Them Toast



One the day that Allwinner and Onda formally announced the two Allwinner A83T-based tablets (V975s, V989 Air; neither of which power users want), Teclast lobs a nuke at Onda.







Onda just has no excuse for running connectors over batteries like this:



And outright fraud, with one speaker despite grilles for dual speakers:


I don’t know what’s going on here; is a screw missing:



They look the same thickness but I don’t know the Chinese:



Using the Insyde scheme, switching from Windows 8.1 to Android 4.4:



And it took fifty-four seconds!

Here’s the Youku video, which I ripped and posted to YouTube:

Seeing all that, I was reminded of this bit from the movie Die Hard:

I wonder if Teclast will try this against a tablet from CUBE? That would be interesting, since CUBE seems to have very good interior design now.

I hope this ridicule and speaker fraud revelation causes changes at Onda.

Previously here:

Dual-OS CUBE i6 Air 3G Now Available, CUBE Still At War Against Teclast
Dual-OS CUBE i6 Air 3G, CUBE At War Against Teclast


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23 responses to “Teclast Goes To War Against Onda, Makes Them Toast

  1. Fred

    If it’s true it’s the worst onda tablet in term of build quality I’ve seen.

    I wonder what those two cable running over the batteries are, they don’t seem to be the LCD/touch screen ribbon cables, yet they seem to have many wires, looks like one is for the Wifi antenna, the other one for the bottom board (button + speaker) maybe?

    Couldn’t they make them go under the batteries? It would have been cleaner.

    I hope it’s just a prototype or staged by teclast, otherwise… #OndaGate

  2. giouncino

    About awful internal buil quality, pipo is on the same terrible level: I’ve seen inside pipo tablets missing screews, cameras badly aligned, coax cables short circuited, wrong gps antenna lengths. With these kind of bad internal design I’m surprised that someone is still buying crappy devices as the one produced by onda, pipo and many others.

    Luckily brands like teclast, cube and others build tablets with very good internal design, internal and external excellent quality and even more important good stability! Incredibly at the same price level!!!

  3. gorka

    i am typing this from an onda v102w…just terrified about opening it…is onda so cheap and lousy in all of its models or only every once in a while…

  4. julien

    what teclast did not tell you is….
    there a lot of defective x98 air 3G that freeze when you play game … and teclast dont care about it ….

    • That’s a thermal issue with the Intel CPU. When it reaches a certain temperature, it will severely throttle back and that causes some games to catastrophically fail. Some people say it’s Teclast’s fault due to improper heatsinks, but I don’t know if other tablets with the same CPU also freeze like that with the same games.,

      • giouncino

        other than that, there are also known incompatibilities between intel CPU and some android apps.
        Intel 37xx are not the chip to go at the moment in my opinion…

      • But aren’t most of the incompatibilities with games? Non-game apps are OK?

      • julien

        over xda dev, we made a lot of reseach and is not about cpu but Gpu
        and 30% to 40% of teclast have GPU 3d freeze issue, and ist not about overheat, but high frequencie make the tablet freeze ….

        teclast refuse to admit that some tablet are defective so freezing, so the did release a patch under android, but you will loose arround 30% of the tablet power
        but still freezing under windows
        only some tablet are freezing, when other are not freezing

        teclast sell thoses tablet and they dont care about customer

        buy teclast tablet is lilke gamble or lottery

        if you are lucky, u will have good tablet, but over xdadev, there a lot of unhappy customer with defective tablet !!

        shame on you teclast !!

        to all …. you should avoid buy teclast, this brand cant be trusted anymore !

      • Thanks for the clarification. They should do the right thing and replace them. Onda did for early buyers of the V975i who couldn’t do the Windows firmware swap.


    I have got Teclast X98 Air 3G DUAL BOOT version and i am very happy with it. But my first Air 3G kept freezing while gaming and i had to replace it but now i dont have any problem at all.. But this is very clear that lots of Air 3G is having the same problem at GPU side and games freeze.. I still dont know if this is a thermal design or defected chips used on the board.. Apart from gaming issue, Teclast is far better than this Onda v919 at so many points.. Onda doesnt have GPS, and HDMI which are crucial for my business life. And also it has only 6000mAh(some say it is 700mAh?) battery capacity which is very low for such screen size and resolution.Think about Cube TALK 9X, it has even 10000mAh battery! Why Onda did that? no clue! I am not even talking about the bad build quality of inside at Onda!
    I liked the design of Onda though. The capacitive button and the place of the speakers seem nice. But in summary, Teclast is the winner by far IMO.

    • julien

      hello my friend is supercowz ! ;)
      we all now teclast suxx with the GPU defect …. dont buy teclast
      until, they stop sell defective products


        Yes, you are right. Unfortunately Teclast couldnt fix this problem and seems there will never be a solution about this.But they are aware of this problem thats why it is really sad. They think about money only, not peoples happiness. But still this doesnt change my oppinion against Onda V919.. Teclast is the winner by so far. (but of course if you have a non-problematic teclast at gaming side :) )

  6. Mr Dasher

    I think the V919 build issue has less to do with poor design and more to do with trying copy the physical layout of the iPad Air using a stock reference board. It actually doesn’t concern me too much. It looks like its mostly wires connecting speakers, USB cables, etc. I didn’t realize there was a 32g version. Maybe the 64g will have the larger battery. Surprised there isn’t GPS considering there is GSM though it isn’t mentioned in their specs.

    I ordered this tablet because at the time this was the only one that offered 64g of storage. With two O/S’s I think 64 is the minimum.

    • The reason all these Chinese tablets mimic the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini is to let users take advantage of existing cases for them.

      • Istvan

        This is not exactly true (at least not in most cases).
        These chinese tablets are merely very similar to Apple devices in both shape and size, but in order to take advantage of Apple cases, they would have to have the exact same dimensions, down to the millimeter, otherwise most cases would either fit very poorly or not at all, especially the flip cases which are usually attached by plastic clips which hang on to the corners of the device.
        Besides, there is usually a plethora of cases of all shapes, sizes and colors for chinese tablets, and there are even some accessory makers which seem to try and create a brand identity for themselves. (see: MCDODO)

  7. julien

    you should do a cover article about defective teclast, and if you need proof or unhappy customer, just come over xda, we know well about the problem


  8. Nikolas

    Teclast x98 3g owner here.. Many problems:
    1. Bluetooth handsfree headsets have serious problems with the sound quality on the microphone. Virtually impossible to use this device for calls.
    2. Headphones buzz at medium to high volumes.
    3. Light bleed on several parts of the screen.. Different devices carry different panels, as me and friend found out by putting our devices side by side.
    4. Speaker buzzes heavily and stops working.

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