Onda V989 Disassembled

Thanks to ftechno in Comments for this!

Onda V989 Disassembly [Google Translate]

Still some tape …


There are really two speakers:


And the screen is LCD, not IGZO:


See much more at the link.

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4 responses to “Onda V989 Disassembled

  1. Miguel

    This is the screen that the iPad Air mount?

    • That’s what confuses me. I thought iPad Air was using IGZO. Yet V989 is LCD.

      • MocciJ

        The iPad Air mounts an A-Si screen, not IGZO. This is actually something I just discovered, and makes me wonder about all the optimizations Apple made to the hardware to have such a good battery life.

      • Apple designs their own CPU too, so can intimately couple iOS to their hardware unlike any Android tablet maker.

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