Another Lost Opportunity For Twitter

Secret Tasty Labs Prototype Unleashed To A Select Few

At first glance, it looks like Quora. At second glance, it’s what Twitter has missed and what has been at the true core of Twitter: casual information sharing among experts you trust.

The example given is what I’ve seen on Twitter over and over. Someone needs information about X and asks their Followers. They get answers.

What’s been missing from Twitter is a way to structure that information as a sidebar to the general conversation stream. Those tweets that are answers are mixed in with all the rest from other Followers that aren’t pertinent.

Forget using a hashtag too! Twitter search is abysmal!

The other day I needed to find that exchange between me and James Kendrick I rescreened here. Twitter Search failed, Topsy failed, three other Twitter search engines failed.

It was a recommendation from a Follower (@reeze) that led to success. He suggested SnapBird. And it worked brilliantly.

So right there is an example of how this service will capitalize on a failing of Twitter.

Instead of seeing what Twitter is actually good for, what did they roll out as an improvement? Stupid Lists! I made those, quickly wound up not using them, then deleted all of them. If people weren’t important enough to Follow live in my stream, they weren’t worth my time catching up on via a List, either.

Someone in the Comments there says people can get this kind of information via blog posts via Google search. Obviously this guy has not used Google in years. And he misses the point about trust.

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