Teclast X98 Air 3G: More Praise?

Via Weibo communiqué:



I’m really not sure what that Weibo means or what the context of the photo is (did he flash it to Windows 8.1?). But the Teclast forum post has this headline: X98 Air 3G. . . Revolutionary. . . Thoroughness. . . Explosive. . . Historic early Kaibao. . . [use Chrome or Bing Translator] — and it’s locked, so I can’t see it.

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7 responses to “Teclast X98 Air 3G: More Praise?

  1. highwind

    those are BIOS/UEFI screens which probably means that some x86/x64 compatible OS has been installed… most likely Win8.1

    As the hardware is mostely identical to the X98 there isnt much suprise

  2. highwind

    not the best quality but I think you get the idea

    I still dont understand why they neither implemented 4G nor USB3.0…

    • 4G is up in the air in China, no pun intended. The gov’t recently had all the carriers get together to try to agree on *one* standard, to put consumers first.

      • highwind

        Jeah, I know, but it takes longer for them to implement it than I expected ;-)

        Well, after all I am very happy that I resisted to order that X98 Air…
        with all those benefits of the X98 Air 3G (slightly faster, 3G, HDMI, Android 4.4) for only 10 bucks more I think Ill order as soon as there is an UEFI/BIOS download from an english (or german) speaking source.

      • Or if Teclast releases a Windows version?

  3. Carlos

    Hi, everybody, execuse my english. i have ordered this device within android and i want to get there win, can you help, where cas i find it, where to dwnld or buy?

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