Teclast X98 Air 3G: iambillbil Praises

He hasn’t finished his evaluation posts, but he’s done an all-text summary of what he’s found [Google Translate]. I think he got so excited he wanted to share his findings as soon as possible. [Next-day update: The post has since changed to one that includes photos and a detailed evaluation.]

He has gone absolutely nuts over the tablet, yelling in several places, “Shocked! Buy buy buy!

Yes, in red!

These are the things that caused him to praise it:

– CPU acceleration to highest possible UI frame rate has improved 40% with a performance nearing that of the Rockchip 3288 and there’s no comparison to the prior X98 3G’s Intel Z3975

– GPU performance improvement doesn’t seem much on paper but the subjective performance is as good as the Onda V989 with version 2.0 firmware

– RAM is the fastest he’s encountered in a China tablet

– Internal storage read/write speed is the fastest he’s encountered in a China tablet

I had to go double-check his writing with Bing Translator. And it still stands. I’ve never seen him this excited by a China tablet before.

And all of the things he’s writing about, they can’t be faked or achieved by any cheating. I really want to see the AnTuTu score and fine details for this tablet.

It seems that the Teclast X98 Air 3G lives up to its “super tablet” billing.

But I’m still going to wait for more posts by him about it.

Note that all this is about the Android version. I don’t think he’ll be doing the Windows version. It’d be interesting to see what Windows is like on it.

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14 responses to “Teclast X98 Air 3G: iambillbil Praises

  1. John

    Sounds promising! Still, I think I will wait for the Nexus 9 to be announced before deciding which tablet to buy, but this one is definitely in my Top 3 beside the Nexus and the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 which sells for around 200€ right now for the Wifi version. Thanks for keeping us updated, I appreciate the work you put into this blog.

    • Yes, I’d advise waiting to see the new Nexus too. Besides, never buy the first production run of a China tablet. We’ve seen how quickly Onda V989 has gone to hardware rev 4!

  2. oh god I hate intel
    it seems that I will have to buy intel tablet
    as nexus is too small and will be expensive

  3. Eric

    Teclast air 3g is rlly good? Worth?

  4. Cody

    any new posts on the teclast x98 3g air? any other full reviews other than zol? my cube talk9x’s screen cracked and i cant find a replacement anywhere,if the reviews continue to be positive i think i found a replacement :)
    the x98 air 3g just went up on sale a few days ago

  5. LVL91

    I finally decided to go for this tablet. Reasons for me are:
    1. iambillbill approves ;)
    2. It does well doing tasks I care about. Antutu has become some standard for performance which it is NOT, so I don’t mind the “lower” score.
    3. It’s Intel, not Rockchip or Allwinner. I hope the PCB design has a little Intel influence… The 4th revision of the Onda V989 has scared me. My first onda tablet had the 1st hardware version. It didn’t work as good as the other tablets. Now after 2 years the battery seems to be dead. No more Onda for me, I don’t like this kind of “trial and error” and especially not the Antutu cheating.
    4. Big plus: Option to get windows on the tablet. MS has done a great job on Win8 when it comes to low-end hardware running Win8. I might be able to play some windows games also :)
    5. Has HDMI, WiDi and also Miracast I believe. (My LG tv has WiDi) Also, I hope that it outputs 5.1 or 7.1 via HDMI.
    6. I haven’t seen any heat issues. (please don’t tell me it has :P )
    7. Yes, it does seem to have crappy camera’s, but I don’t take many photo’s. When I do, I use my phone.
    8. I am really excited about Android on Intel. (especially the app compatibility) Since It’s an intel chip, I think I don’t have to worry much about system updates. I hope Teclast uses the updates…
    9. I’m kind of an Intel fanboy. ^_^

    I have to thank Mike for this nice blog, been following it for quite some time now. You should start a site like gizmochina, I really like the way you look at things. It’s much more real than other websites.

  6. James Linden

    I’m on this particular tablet right now and I can’t agree more that it’s the best $200 I’ve ever spent. After getting a small firmware update (as soon as it starts up), rooting it with “toolbox”, and installing Nova Launcher Premium, it’s super fast at everything. It has GPS and MICRO HDMI which were very important to me. Only issues I have is that some of my diehard apps I use all the time like Walgreens, PayPal, Redbox, and some games are incompatible. I may have to edit the build.prop, but I’m in no hurry. The original screen film is really tacky, so I always put a matte film over it. Way smooth and no fingerprints. I’ll probably never use the simcard slot, but you never know. It doesn’t get too hot, but the charger sure does! Removing Chinese crapware is easy with Titanium.
    Good luck with yours,
    James L.

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