Rooted Nook Touch: Screensnaps And Update

I’ve taken a bunch of screensnaps via vlc of the first video of a rooted Nook Touch running the Kindle for Android app.

Here is the code used to make that happen, indicating it’s not yet for us mere mortals:

It’s getting closer! Here’s the latest word at post time on rooting:

BTW: ADW launcher works on the Nook as well Can launch apps / browser / etc. Apparently the device has bluetooth as well. Hopefully I can get that working so I can hear some music while reading.

Now back to the snaps…

Nook Touch at Home Screen:

Kindle for Android begins to load, notice top center of screen:

K for A still loading:

Still loading:


Page change sliding transition:

K for A’s Home Screen:

Page refresh flash:

I like the thin margins and layout here:

Page change sliding transition caught in the next two shots:

eInk refresh captured in mid-stream:

Hitting the “n” button brings up the Nook UI:

And back to the regular Nook Touch mode:

Previously here:

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