Xiaomi MiPad Sales Begin July 1st

Via a Weibo communique:



7月1日#小米平板#首发[心]7月1日星期二中午12点小米平板16GB白色版首发,同时红米手机1S,红米Note、小米盒子和小米电视2开放购买,分享微博开还有机会赢得免单资格哦~详细规则请参照:http://t.cn/RvYkSOa 即日起关注@小米社区 转发微博并@ 3个好友,社区君抽奖送出小米平板F码!!

Google Translate:

July 1 # # first tablet millet [heart] July 1, Tuesday 12:00 millet Tablet 16GB white version of the first episode, while red rice phone 1S, red rice Note, millet and millet TV 2 box open to buy, share microblogging open there is a chance to win free single qualification oh please refer to the detailed rules: http://t.cn/RvYkSOa immediate effect follow @ millet community forward microblogging and @ 3 friends, communities Jun lottery sent millet flat F code! !

It’s not just the MiPad that’ll be available for sale, but other products too.

The MiPad in question is the 16GB model with white back.

I expect Xiaomi to announce it’s sold out within minutes so people outside of China — as if we could order it! — shouldn’t even bother. I’m sure some will get into the hands of middlemen who will add an exorbitant premium. Don’t encourage them.

More information at IMP3Net [Google Translate] and PC Pop [Google Translate].

By the way, a beta tester reports her absolute love for the back camera [Google Translate].

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6 responses to “Xiaomi MiPad Sales Begin July 1st

  1. Alex

    Is it known where will we be able to buy it from Europe that day? In which web?

  2. Alex

    All xiaomi web is in chinese. I could create an account but i don’t know if I will be able to buy…

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