Chuwi V88: Magnet & Bluetooth Demos

Did you know there’s a magnet inside the Chuwi V88? I didn’t. It will work with certain covers and cases ala the iPad Mini Smart Cover.

After the break, a video demonstrating it.

And this next video is the best demonstration of why you want Bluetooth in a small device — because of the weak built-in speaker(s)! The video is in French and the English subtitles (turn on CC) are sparse. If you just want to see pairing with a Bluetooth speaker, skip to just about fifteen minutes in. The difference in volume and sound quality between the V88’s built-in versus Bluetooth speaker is noticeable even in the video.

For those investigating iPad Mini clones who are new to all this, so far only the Chuwi V88 has Bluetooth connectivity. The HKC Q79 (Quest), Ramos X10, and Onda V818 do not.

Same day update: Note that there might be certain models of the Chuwi V88 that lack Bluetooth, according to reports. Be sure when ordering that you get the one with Bluetooth.

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2 responses to “Chuwi V88: Magnet & Bluetooth Demos

  1. Stef

    The hkc Q79 has Bluetooth. I do not have a Bluetooth speaker to test but I did test a Bluetooth keyboard on it without any problem.

    • mikecane

      Did that happen with a firmware update? I haven’t seen BT listed for it or mentioned in any reviews.

      LATER EDIT: That was a very stupid mistake of mine. I’ve corrected the Guide to indicate it has Bluetooth. I am beginning to get dizzy trying to keep track of these machines and all their odd differences. It doesn’t help that the coverage in China is sometimes contradictory too.

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