Nook Touch Rooting: June 19th News

Note: Due to reading plans being postponed by Real Life stuff, this post will be updated as needed today.

It’s Father’s Day and all the men with child are being treated like kings, or something. Lucky for all of you, I am without such distracting spawn, so this post.

I had hoped to finally fondle a Nook Touch this morning while in Manhattan. Said plan was thwarted when I realized I hadn’t brought along a camera. It would have been pointless for me without getting some snaps.

XDA Developers forum:

This post describes remapping the Nook Touch side buttons to enable page turning with the Kindle for Android app.

This post says Nook Touch is running Android Eclair, which is version 2.1.

This post mentions the InstaFetch developer might modify the program to work with the Nook Touch.

This post says that Instapaper has an option to download as ePub. Said ePub can then be read on the Nook Touch with Aldiko, FBReader, etc.

This post tells us how to recover from a freeze:

I’ve locked it up before when trying to boot nookie. Called tech support and they told me that holding down power button more than 20 secs, does a hardware reboot. Works.

This post is a clarion call for XDA to spin off a devoted Nook Touch forum. I agree.

This post and this post and this post are the first hints that people might try adapting the NookColor rooting methods to the Nook Touch. Good luck and godspeed!

MobileRead forums:

This post mentions unsuccessfully trying the Google Books app.

This post reminds everyone not to try to install apps that require Android 2.2 or higher!

This post talks about the partitions of the Nook Touch and why merging isn’t possible.

And we have a new video! But this is an advertisement!

He’s looking for people to fork over US$19.99 (that’s one-seventh the price of the device!) for his customized rooting method. My advice: No. Don’t.

I doubt his method will really be as easy as advertised. Plus it’s only a matter of time before the XDA whizzes work it all out. Also, if you’re looking to use a Nook Touch only as a Kindle, FFS, just wait and buy the upcoming Kindle With Touch. Why go through the work of rooting?

And we have some tweets:!/jane_l/statuses/82315908953026560

And the photo for that:

Click = ginormous

Bonus: A Quick Review of the New Nook Touch

Reminder: Nook Devs rooting post. Remember to rename uRamdisk_rooted to uRamdisk!!

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